Interface StrictStreamrClientConfig


  • StrictStreamrClientConfig


Authentication: identity used by this StreamrClient instance. Can contain member privateKey or (window.)ethereum

cache: {
    maxAge: number;
    maxSize: number;

Type declaration

  • maxAge: number
  • maxSize: number
contracts: {
    ethereumNetworks: Record<string, EthereumNetworkConfig>;
    mainChainRPCs?: ChainConnectionInfo;
    maxConcurrentCalls: number;
    storageNodeRegistryChainAddress: string;
    streamRegistryChainAddress: string;
    streamRegistryChainRPCs: ChainConnectionInfo;
    streamStorageRegistryChainAddress: string;
    theGraphUrl: string;

Type declaration

  • ethereumNetworks: Record<string, EthereumNetworkConfig>
  • Optional mainChainRPCs?: ChainConnectionInfo
  • maxConcurrentCalls: number
  • storageNodeRegistryChainAddress: string
  • streamRegistryChainAddress: string
  • streamRegistryChainRPCs: ChainConnectionInfo
  • streamStorageRegistryChainAddress: string
  • theGraphUrl: string

    Some TheGraph instance, that indexes the streamr registries

decryption: {
    keyRequestTimeout: number;
    maxKeyRequestsPerSecond: number;

Type declaration

  • keyRequestTimeout: number
  • maxKeyRequestsPerSecond: number
gapFill: boolean
gapFillTimeout: number
id: string

Custom human-readable debug id for client. Used in logging.

logLevel: LogLevel
maxGapRequests: number
metrics?: boolean | {
    maxPublishDelay?: number;
    periods?: {
        duration: number;
        streamId: string;
network: Omit<NetworkNodeConfig, "trackers" | "metricsContext"> & {
    trackers: TrackerRegistryContract | TrackerRegistryRecord[];
orderMessages: boolean

Attempt to order messages

retryResendAfter: number

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